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LI Tip for Exploring Full Names

                                      I am going to discuss one of the trick for finding full names of LI users.Let’s start with a private profile of the person with the title Manager at T Bank.Open his private profile in a new window. Copy his Linkedin Id from the address bar(95514977 in this example).Now paste this id at the end of the link below:

For this you need to a member of this group “Boolean Strings”(with the group id 1176637). You can use any other group for which you are a member.Simply replace the group id in the above link with your group id.
Now open the above link in the new window.The picture looks like as shown below:
Although this person doesn’t belongs to this group, but it looks like(from the above picture) as if he is a member of the group Boolean Strings(with a group id 1176637).
Now right click on the person’s name and Click on “Open in a new tab”. You will get the full name for this contact. You can explore full names of 3rd degree contacts in this way.

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