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Google as a real time search engine

How to make google a real time sarch engine?

Yes, you can make it a real time search. Whatever the google is crawling, you can see the indexed results at the very next instance.

Click the advanced search tab and select one of the option from the dropdown(as shown below). This will make your search url to include a parameter called QDR(Query Date Range).This parameter restrict time limited search results for your searched query. Advanced-Search Dropdown

The URL in your address bar now include a parameter QDR as shown below.,qdr:m

To make it a real time search Change tbs=,qdr…  to tbs=rltm:1 

See the Changes below

You can see the below picture that the search results now includude results indexed by google few seconds ago.

real time search results

Notice that the page will update automatically as soon as new results are indexed (without reloading the current page) making it a real time search.

Give it a try.

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